World Enforcement Coalition And Networks On Fighting Illicit Trade

Clean Supply Chains for a Secure World

WECAN is a network of coalitions and net-centric partnerships (A Network of Networks) – focused on fighting illicit trade and related security threats globally. Our credo is “We Can Do More Together” -- fighting illicit networks with WECAN Partnerships across borders, sectors, industries, and communities to prevent and disrupt transnational criminal and illicit networks who trade in counterfeit and pirated goods such as medicines, luxury apparel, technology, automotive parts, and other illicit commodities including trafficking in narcotics, endangered wildlife, illegally-harvested timber and environmentally-sensitive materials, food stuff, illegal tobacco and alcohol, etc. Often such illicit trade is associated with human trafficking and slavery. 

WECAN’s goal is to help better coordinate, leverage, and harness global efforts to counter illicit activities across borders, industries, and markets by providing a united voice and more vibrant coalition for the mobilization and activation of more robust public-private partnerships to fight webs of corruption and criminality in today's illicit markets and to promote clean, secure supply chains and safer communities. 

  • Targeted Enforcement: Track, degrade and/or defeat (TD&D) identified illicit actors and markets through the employment of WECAN Partnerships 

  • Develop WECAN Anti-Illicit Trade Curriculum to train and educate individuals and institutions across sectors and industries in cutting edge counter-illicit trade tactics, methods and processes, and to support innovative research. 

  • Strengthen WECAN Cross-Industry Partnerships, Multi-Dimensional Approaches and Solutions through national, regional, and global engagement including strategic dialogues, training workshops, and Net-Centric roundtables and meetings, and on-line instructional webinars and training curriculum.  

  • Refine and improve our understanding of illicit actors and networks – facilitating the planning and evaluation of TD&D efforts.  What's working? What is not working? 

  • Curate Advanced Technologies and Market Intelligence-based Consortium, Data Analytics and Threat Mapping, Visualization Platforms and Illicit Trade Intelligence Units (ITIUs), and Illicit Trade/Threats Hub (Center) to share new and innovative tools and market intelligence to shape Anti-Illicit Trade strategies and to enhance counter-illicit trade activities and tactical disruptions and operations across illicit markets. 


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